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Communication and Writing Specialists

What we do:

LAD Writing Services offers a full range of writing services which include:


Online  content generation: websites, social media and blogs

Our freelance writers specialise in creating copy for online platforms from websites and blogs to Twitter and Facebook posts. This includes writing copy for brand new websites from scratch, or editing existing websites to give them a new lease on life. Our experienced writers are also able to craft and post daily, weekly or monthly blogs on your behalf, backed by sufficient research to make them as relevant and interesting as possible for your followers.

In-house corporate titles

From the generation of story ideas, through to the interviewing and crafting of all content, as well as the design and layout, LAD Writing Services is able to manage the entire process associated with the production of your in-house publication.

Publication ready articles

Come to us with the ideas you have for any type of written article and we will complete it for you, providing you with a highly polished, edited product that is ready to be submitted and published.


Weekly, monthly or quarterly, LAD Writing is proficient at generating ideas and providing content for both internal and external newsletters.


If you need to promote your business by highlighting and summarising its best points, LAD Writing is able to cut to the heart of the business by compiling brochure copy that is as slick as it is informative and comprehensive.

Annual reports

The team at LAD Writing is experienced in collating and compiling annual reports across a variety of industries.

Press releases

LAD Writing has worked with a number of PR agencies to craft press releases on behalf of their clients. From providing interview questions to managing the actual interview process and writing up the press release, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver according to the requirements of every brief on deadline every time. Moreover, our releases are well written and relevant, increasing the chances that your press release will receive maximum coverage in the media.

Speech writing

Simply provide us with a brief, a contact person and the length required and LAD Writing will research and write a speech that is suitable to the occasion and target market.

Editing and proofing

Every finished document, from projects to presentations and proposals, requires that final polish to ensure that spelling and grammar mistakes are eradicated. This is ideally done by a fresh pair of eyes. LAD Writing’s attention to detail and experience in working with the written word makes us the ideal partners to ensure your final product is word perfect.

Case studies

Create a strong presence in the market by establishing your business as an expert in its field. Case studies featuring recent successes or ground breaking work provide an excellent platform for your business to entrench itself as an industry leader. Provide us with the facts and we’ll compile a case study that highlights all the relevant information in an interesting and concise manner.

Business journalism

The team at LAD Writing is knowledgeable about topical business issues across a variety of industries. As such, we’re an ideal choice to craft opinion pieces, corporate profiles, thought leadership pieces and the like.
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